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Sport Aviation License

For those passionate about the world of flight, there is sport aviation. Sport aviation includes all kinds of flight forms, not just airplanes. Gliders and hot air balloons, among others also have a place in sport aviation. Aircraft can be experimental as well as standard, making for a lot of options and fun. Sport aviation is popular with many amateur pilots and those who like to explore and experiment with light aircraft. The nice thing about sport aviation is that it is accessible for any skill level.

If you want to pilot sports aircraft you are in luck. Becoming a sport pilot is actually easier and cheaper than obtaining a standard private pilot’s license. To earn your certificate you must pass the FAA sport pilot knowledge test and practical flight test. You also need to log the correct amount of training hours in the craft of your choice.  This certificate can allow you the opportunity to fly:

  • Light Sport Airplane
  • Powered Parachute
  • Glider
  • Airship
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Trikes
  • Gyroplane

Look around at local schools for flight instructors that offer sport pilot training. There are many instructors across the country, and odds are that you will have at least close by. Many instructors specialize in just sport pilot training. Be sure to check out all your options and choose one that has a good quality program. You want to have the best training when you finally take to the skies.

Sport piloting is a wonderful way to add some adventure to your life.  With the laxer regulations and cheaper cost sport piloting is available to a wider range of people who want to take their interest in aviation to a new level.


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