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Commercial Aviation License

A commercial pilot’s license or certificate allows the holder to be hired, or accept money, as a pilot. Commercial aviation is about more than just flying for commercial airlines. Depending on what kind of aviation job or type of craft you choose determines what kind of training you will need. Learning to pilot different sizes and types of aircraft can be quite different.

The first requirement to obtain a commercial license is to have a private pilot’s license first. This is an international standard for pilots hoping to fly commercially. There are many schools around the US that can provide you with the training to obtain your private license. Your best bet is to search for local schools and call around to find the best option for you in terms of training and price.

The next step is to enroll in a commercial pilot training program. Often, the school where you did your private certification offers commercial training for smaller planes. Generally these are propeller planes. If you wish to pilot these types of planes commercially, then you don’t need to pursue further training. However, if your goal is to pilot jets for commercial airlines or cargo planes, then you must enroll in training to a multi-engine rating. A medical certificate is also required, to prove that you are in good health and able to operate an aircraft. Commercial airlines require that a pilot obtain their instrument rating as well, which allows a pilot to fly in low visibility. If your goal is to become a pilot-in-command for an airline you must also get your Airline transport Pilot License, which is the highest level of piloting license available.

There are many options available for someone who wants to pursue a career as a pilot. The hardest part is choosing what kind of commercial flying you want to do, and getting the appropriate training. If you are unsure, just make sure that you have your private license, and begin commercial training. You can always take additional training programs if you wish to move to another type of commercial piloting.


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