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If you are considering getting a pilot license then you probably know that you like to fly, even if you have never taken control of an aircraft before. However, figuring out how to get into aviation can be a bit daunting, especially knowing that the rules that govern the sky are many and constantly changing. Don't let that stop you from pursuing your dream of flying though. There are many choices available to would be pilots, so you're sure to find an option that suits you perfectly.

For starters, if you've never been at the controls of an aircraft before look in to an introductory lesson first. Often local schools will have special offers for introductory flights that make them a bit cheaper, which means you can give flying a try without sinking a lot of money into it. An introductory flight should give you a run down of the basics of flying, and let you finally fly an airplane yourself. This is a great way of seeing if spending the time and money to get a license is actually for you. You may find that flying is fun, but not something you want to pursue.

Once you have made your first flight and know that you like it, start thinking about what kind of pilot you want to be. Are you hoping to make a career out of it, or would you rather keep it as a hobby? These things can affect how you pursue your aviation training. Luckily, you generally need a private pilot's license before you can pursue a commercial license, so if you can't decide on your future plans, you can always get started and make the decision later. Search around for a school or instructor with a good reputation, and prices you can afford. Try to get the best quality you can, after all, you want to have the best training and preparation in case something goes wrong in the air. You're school can help guide you through the requirements and answer any questions you might have. You can even research options like getting your sport pilot license, which generally is a bit cheaper and a bit easier to obtain, though it does have some restrictions.

If you are definitely interested in flying commercially you can start to look into more in depth programs. Many colleges offer aviation programs that give you a a great education and your certifications and ratings all at the same time. If earning a bachelor's degree isn't right for you, you can always start with private pilot license and work your way up through the certifications until you reach the level of commercial pilot that you desire. Keep in mind that becoming a pilot for a commercial airline will require more extensive training than say, flying a crop duster.


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